Association for Children in Crisis
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About Us

The Association for Children in Crisis is a registered non-governmental organization operating in Sierra Leone. The idea for its establishment was borne out of the need to support marginalized children, street children, disabled children, abused children, and children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable women and youth. The organization was established in 2005 to address child protection, women and youth issues and since then, it has been carrying out activities meant to mitigate the suffering of children, women, and youth.

Seeing child protection as a national problem, a group of professionals who worked earlier for Handicap International-France with the street children project and key stakeholders in Sierra Leone saw the need to establish an organization that will stand to address marginalize children, vulnerable women and youth issues in the country. 

The aims and objectives of the Association are:
(i) to implement activities meant to mitigate poverty in rural communities
(ii) to provide care and support to vulnerable children
(iii) to implement income generating activities aimed at creating sustainable income for vulnerable women

Our objective is to respond to the psychosocial needs of vulnerable children, women and youth in Sierra Leone. 

The mission of the Association for Children in Crisis is to promote and protect the interest of children, women, and youth in Sierra Leone.  

Our vision is to create a Sierra Leone where children, women and youth can maximize their full potentials and realize an improved and sustainable livelihood. 

The Association for Children in Crisis believe in partnerships and networking to achieve our mission and vision. Join us now so we can make Sierra Leone a better place for children, women and youth.

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